Are You Ready To Tie a Nuptial Knot First Commit To Keep the Values

Posted on Tuesday, October 01, 2019

You have a choice to get married at what time you want, but consider first the meaning and values of a marriage. Hindu bride and grooms take seven steps around the holy fire (Agni) is the authenticity of this loving relationship. Before tying a nuptial knot go through the responsibilities and values of marriage. The couple must be very clear and mature to marry with a strong commitment and sincerity towards a lifetime relationship. Sometimes you have been excited to marry without preparing yourself, no relationship remains longlast until you ensure. Marriage is not only a commitment also requires sincerity and loyalty that you must have before entering into lifetime relationship. Marriage is a covenant not only for a single day this is a lifetime companionship. Marriages are followed vows around holy agni to ensure couple towards their relationship. It is very important to remind the significance of marriage. These most predominant seven steps are taken with a deep sense on the wedding day.   


Step 1- The couple seeks blessings of the God for purity and nourishing food. We will be together with plenty of honor and respect.   


Step 2 - Here bride and groom seeks sacred union of emotional, spiritual, physical and mental strength to live a happier married life with mutual understanding.   


Step 3- Third step begins with a prayer to wish for wealth and prosperous life. This is our new world where will be always together in joys and sorrows.    


Step 4- The couple urges God to bring strength to keep the values and responsibilities towards the elders and family. They take vows to build a healthier relationship by sharing their mutual love.    


Step 5- The couple seeks blessings and grace of God for their upcoming future children. They will pray for welfare of the family by healthy and sincere children to achieve fame in the future.    


Step 6- The couple prays to attain powerful union and a healthy mind to live together forever. A married couple seeks for stability and serenity in their life to enjoy free life.    


Step 7- An ultimate seven steps to wish for simple and subtle life, having mutual understanding, loyalty and sincerity in all the ways. Muslim wedding site and Punjabi wedding site helps to find perfect life partner.


They promise to stay in loving relationship as loving and trustworthy life partner.  If you are having all characteristics to enter into new world you must know all these values and responsibilities. Marriage demands open relationship not having any deep secret. The married couple expresses their mutual love and longing for each other.   


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