Badaga Community Matrimony to Find Life Partner

Posted on Friday, February 28, 2020

The Badaga community is known as Baduguru in their local language and resides in the areas around the Nilgiri hills in Tamil Nadu. They are a tribal community that has its own set of rituals and festivals like Deva Habba. The language spoken by them is called Baduga and is famous for being an unwritten language. With the passage of time, the Badaga community has been amalgamated into the larger Hindu culture and adopted Hindu Gods and Goddesses. A remnant of their old culture is the gifting of a white cotton cloth known as Thundu to guests and loved ones. 

A Badaga wedding is remarkable for the absence of the system of dowry. In fact, the entire marriage ceremony is conducted at the expense of the groom's family. The match is fixed by the family elders and the wedding date is fixed by the family priest of the groom. At each milestone leading up to the marriage, the family is the groom presents lavish gifts to the bride and vows to take care of her just like their daughter. The marriage ceremony is followed by the customary feast known as Maduve Hittu, which again is through payments borne by the family is the groom. The final ceremony is the bride changing her residence from her parents’ hatti to her husband's hatti. 

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