Ayyaraka Community Matrimony to Find Life Partner

Posted on Friday, February 28, 2020

The Ayyarakas are a remarkable community found in large numbers in South India at the tri junction of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. They trace their Kshatriya ancestry to the royal families of Nalanda, Bihar which they emigrated from to their present settlement following a defeat in war. They are also known as Patrudu and their name means ‘city dweller’ and their settlements are known as erladu. They bear the surnames Tothadi, Majji, Parla, Potnuru and Gudela among many others. 

An Ayyaraka shaadi is the right mix of ritualization and minimalism with the syncretism of customary vows and communal feasting. Owing to their city dweller roots, their marriage ceremony has shed quite a few of the elaborate rituals and derived simpler ones in their stead. The match is arranged by the respective parents in an informal setting by exchange of gifts. The sagaai ceremony between the prospective life partners takes place by exchange of wedding bands in the presence of family elders and close friends. The day of the marriage is preceded by the sangeet and haldi ceremonies where the bride and the groom get some space to communicate with each other. The day is the marriage is the day when the bride and the groom dress in their finest clothes and take vows to stand by each other through thick and thin. The wedding is solemnised by the purohit by asking the bride and the groom to circumambulate the holy fire. Thus, the life partners are bound for life in holy matrimony. 

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