Arya Vysya Community Matrimony to Find Life Partner

Posted on Friday, February 28, 2020

The Arya Vysyas are a prominent community of the Andhra stock and speak Telugu as their mother tongue. They are also found in large parts of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Maharashtra and Odisha. They are a genteel people and are taken to the merriments and luxuries afforded by life. Their primary occupation is trading and business at which they've become very good. Their common surnames are Setty, Chetty and Guptha.

An Arya Vysya wedding is full of exciting customs that act as icebreakers between the bride and the groom. The first activity of this shaadi is Pendli Koothuru where the bride and the groom are bathed in scented water after application of oil and turmeric on their bodies. The groom is adorned with a golden thread for the Kashi Yatra ceremony where the groom professes to take up asceticism and move to Kashi. The bride’s brother takes the role of the pleader and tries to convince the groom to change his decision but the groom remains steadfast. Finally, the brother of the bride to be offers the hand of his sister in marriage, following which the groom gives up his plan of becoming a hermit. The wedding is finally solemnised by the Saptapadi or the walking of the betrothed around the sacred fire that binds the two souls into one. 

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