Arunthathiyar Community Matrimony to Find Life Partner

Posted on Friday, February 28, 2020

The Arunthathiyar are a community which primarily hails from the rural parts of Tamil Nadu. They are a medium built people with dark to wheatish Indian complexion. Some they are primarily a rural community, they engage in rural professions like farming, animal rearing and cattle trading. The Tamil Government uses this title to bestow similar status to people bearing the names of Madiga, Pallars, Paraiyars, Sakkiliar, Mathadi and Pakadai. Their chief spoken languages are Tamil and Telugu and they rarely marry Arunthathiyars who speak a language different from their mother tongue. 

Due to their humble backgrounds, the Arunthathiyar matrimony is a simple affair without much rituals and customs of the Sanskritized Hindu community. The father of the girl approaches the father of the boy with a gift of agricultural produce and sometimes a goat as well. On acceptance of the marriage proposal, the parents fix an auspicious date for tying of the nuptial knot between the betrothed. The groom wears a white dhoti and keeps his upper body undressed to exhibit his masculine features. The bride wears a sari bordered with a red band to signify her marriage. The marriage ceremony rarely takes place in a temple compound and is often carried out in a makeshift mandapam erected near the house of the bride. 

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