Arora Community Matrimony to Find Life Partner

Posted on Friday, February 28, 2020

The Aroras of the Hindu community have a remarkable origin story. When Lord Parshuram was on a killing spree, some Kshatriyas said that they were ‘Aur’ not Kshatriyas. This led them to be named Aroras. They inhabit the areas between the plains of Northern India and the Desert of Western India. They are a fun loving community and take great pleasure in organizing as well as participating in shaadi ceremonies. 

The primary step that precedes the marriage ceremony is called ‘Roka’ where both families meet and exchange gifts as a token of their acceptance to the match. The ‘Sagan’ ceremony is next where the father of the bride applies a Chandan tika on the groom by visiting his house. This is followed by the Sagaai or the ring ceremony and the Sangeet ceremony. On the day of the marriage, the baraat arrives at the bride’s house and the eldest member of her family ties a sehra on the groom’s head in the ‘Sehrabandi’ ceremony and accompanies the groom to the stage erected for the Jaimala ceremony. A marriage is solemnised by the prospective bride and the groom circumambulating the sacrificial fire known as pheres. The elders of both family give the Ashirvad of a long and healthy life to the newly married couple. The bride then leaves her old home behind and sets for her new home in a ceremony known as the vidaai ceremony. 

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