Adi Karnataka Community Matrimonial Services to Find Brides and Grooms

Posted on Thursday, February 27, 2020

The Adi Karnataka are a community of the Hindu denominational system who are traditionally believed to be the original inhabitants of the Kannadiga lands which today comprise parts of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra. They are also known as Chalwadis in the local parlance. The Adi Karnataka are a race of medium to tall built people with wheatish to dark complexions. Their primary language is Kannada but they also speak the regional languages of their respective areas. Their common surnames are Gowda, Okkaliga, Patil and Kuruba among others. The Adi Kannada community is bifurcated into two namely Edgai (right hand) and Balgai (left hand) which represent the landed gentry and the common folk respectively. 

The chief symbols of a married Adi Karnataka woman is vermillion, thali and toe-rings which they wear with utmost pride and esteem. Some denominations also practice the giving of a bride price called ‘tera’ before the marriage ceremony. The groom exhibits his show of strength as a measure of his masculinity to the bride which indicates the beginning of the marriage ceremonies. 

We, at have undertaken a detailed study of the Adi Karnataka culture in the context of marriage and hold the experience of numerous successful matches. We offer complete solutions for the prospective grooms, brides and their relatives taking due care of the specific rituals peculiar to the Adi Karnataka people. Beginning from the matching of the profiles that traditionally starts with the groom’s father offering a marriage between their children to the bride’s father;to the patrilocal departure of the bride also known as bidaai in some denominations.  

Our services include the booking of the marriage halls and catering as well as the housing requirements of the outstation and destination weddings. Thus, we provide a truly complete package at really affordable rates to facilitate the marriage between two kindred souls. Find perfect life partner on online Sikh matrimony site.

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