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The Registration data submitted by Parents and others to us in the registration process or other information provided through public domain or supplied by other Parents, included in our purview, is posted as such and is not tested for its correctness or otherwise. In all circumstances, where Registration and additional information is submitted and included or otherwise made available through our Resourcefulness, we merely act as a “pass-through agency” without relying on or verifying the exactness of the statements. SNV Wedding Gallery does not warrant or guarantee the correctness, adequacy or accuracy or of any of the data provided.

All Parents seeking Matrimony through SNV Wedding Gallery  must individually verify such statements with other Parents of brides and bridegrooms, directly or through third party or other autonomous and means or agencies, to satisfy themselves and/or to make sure that the parties to a marriage are indeed genuinely making fair and accurate statements and representations, before finalizing possible marriages. SNV Wedding Gallery  will not oblige any claims, financial or otherwise, or any consequential loss or punitive damages incurred by parents, through errors of commission or omission, on its part, or purposeful/deliberate fraud and/or cover up or withholding of data, falsification or non-representation or failure to adequately divulge or any willful fraud committed by one Parent against one another. Caveat Emptor in Latin means “Let the Purchaser Beware!”

Before finalizing an alliance, verify disclosures and statements by other parents, using your sources.

Parents whose sons’ and daughters’ data is included here are afforded a chance to change and correct the information posted herein voluntarily and to include any other changes to depict their information correctly. To input their specific requirements and prerequisites in their “search and seek process” -so others precisely recognize what your wants and needs are, to facilitate quality seeking and to shut out “unwanted expressions of interest,” not conforming to others’ requirements. However, SNV Wedding Galleryis not responsible for Parents oversight when they do not rectify or update their postings in this regard.

If you suspect any misinformation in the entries or a Parent has not retracted his ward’s profile after the engagement/marriage is over, kindly inform us of such instances so we can take appropriate action on the issue.

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